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Judy Gillespie


Judy is a Qigong instructor and healthcare director, with a long-standing interest in bringing access to quality integrated care and education to our communities.


Ivy Shen

Vice President

Ivy has been a volunteer with The Fountain Project Foundation since 2006, and regularly volunteers at the Bay Area Rescue Mission (BARM) in Richmond. She is proud to be a Toastmasters member, and has served as Club President and Youth Leadership Coordinator. Ivy has over 15 years experience in computer sales, marketing and operations. Ivy has passion for medical charity work and supporting youth to become tomorrow’s leaders.


Erlene Chiang

Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Erlene Chiang, LAc, OMD, board member, began offering free treatments in 2001 at 4 times a year in a Buddhist temple in Ukiah. As the need for medical attention there grew, she started recruiting colleagues of Chinese medicine and western medicine to volunteer in serving the residents of Ukiah.  Since 2010, the Foundation offers 10 free clinic annually, 6 times in Ukiah and 4 times in El Cerrito.



Loc Huynh


Loc has been a board member since 2005, and was elected President effective January 2017. He is a Licensed Acupuncturist and teaches Shaolin GongFu at Wen Wu School.


Kathryn Langstaff


Kathryn joined the board in January 2023. She co-founded Wen Wu School Portland in 1999 and started volunteering qigong and walking meditation at the Lan Su Chinese Garden in 2007. Wen Wu School Portland is the oldest qigong school in the Portland area and has offered qigong at memory care centers, elder homes, schools and community centers for over 24 years!  Kathryn is Founder and Partner, of Autopoiesis, LLC working in design, planning, development and finance for regenerative projects.  She pioneered the use of leichlehmbau in North America and served as the Launch Director for the Living Product Challenge, JUST and Declare programs of the International Living Futures Institute. Kathryn has taught courses at various institutions, including U.C. Berkeley College of Environmental Design, Sinte Gleska University and the Pacific Northwest College of Art. She has worked on green real estate development projects in California, Oregon and Michigan. She earned her Masters in Architecture from U.C. Berkeley and recently returned to the Bay Area.


Reneta Davis

Board Member

Experienced, trustworthy, fun. These are just a few of the ways coworkers describe this invaluable member of our team. Reneta is truly a joy to be around and makes it a pleasure to work with.


Micheal Chung

Board Member

Michael joined Fountain Project with the vision and drive to improve upon our Nonprofit, and focused on developing the organization with experience and integrity.


Lucinda Bazille

Board Member

Lucinda Bazile works as a Deputy Director at LifeLong Medical Care, founded in 1996 with an estimated 1,063 employees. As Deputy Director, Lucinda is responsible for the development and strengthening of relationships with community partners and elected representatives at all levels of government in order to promote LifeLong’s services, collaborations, funding, and policy advocacy.  Over the many years with LifeLong, Ms. Bazile has developed several programs and departments, including human resources, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI), AmeriCorps, compliance, outreach, and marketing.

She has years of experience in operations and financial management, event planning, human resources, policy development, and program planning. She earned a BBA from the University of Michigan and an MPH from the University of California


Peggy Dey

Board Member

Ms. Peggy Dey, board member, is a somatic therapist and has been practicing in the Bay Area since l979. She began training in 1972 with a special focus on Asian Systems which she taught at McKinnon Institute for 13 years. She has a long standing interest in movement re-education and her training had been in Asian dance, Acupressure, Eutony and Formative Psychology before starting her Qigong training in l996. She completed the teacher training in Qigong in l999 and has been teaching it ever since at Kaiser Oakland, Richmond Adult School and Senior Centers and at the Wen Wu School. She has been a volunteer at Charlotte Maxwell Clinic in Oakland since l996 and most recently has been with clients in the end stages of their life.


Michael Stacey, MD, MPH

Board Member

Dr. Michael Stacey is the Chief Medical Officer at LifeLong Medical Care, where he has served since 2019. He focuses on clinical leadership, quality improvement, and health technology. Dr. Stacey's career has been dedicated to improving health access and addressing social determinants of health. He has extensive experience serving underrepresented communities both locally and internationally.

Previously, Dr. Stacey was the Director of Medical Services and Deputy Director of Health and Social Services for Solano County, overseeing County FQHCs and co-chairing the Bay Area Regional Health Inequities Initiative. Dr. Stacey served in the US Air Force for six years, stationed in California and England. He has also spent time in Chile, where he learned Spanish, and Nicaragua.

Dr. Michael Stacey is interested in having the biggest impact possible on improving health, and he enjoys working with community partners to create common goals for health and finding innovative ways to achieve those goals.

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